Entrepreneur, Investor, Global Business Advisor and Environmentalist

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Jean-François de Clermont-Tonnerre is an entrepreneur, investor, global business advisor and environmentalist, as well as the Founder of Fondation Jean-François et Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, which was established in 2009 to promote environmental protection, the arts, science and youth education.


For the past 25 years, Jean-François de Clermont-Tonnerre has been committed to environmental sustainability through various business and personal philanthropic projects.


In 2009, he formed his foundation based in Brussels and has focused on key initiatives in biodiversity and eco-sustainability, including the establishment of the Collège de France’s Annual Biodiversity and Ecosystems Chair, which aims to promote the research and teaching of leading French and foreign specialists in biodiversity and ecosystems who, through their work and action, highlight the environmental challenges we currently face.

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This Chair position ensures that these issues are widely communicated to the academic world, decision-makers and the general public to find the best solutions to address the issues of today.


Mr. de Clermont-Tonnerre is also an advisor to Lone Tree Properties Ltd. in British Columbia, which implemented a project in 2013 to protect and conserve 1,800 acres of land in the town of Lantzville that had previously been repeatedly logged.


Lone Tree is implementing a strategic plan to ensure the land is thoughtfully cultivated and conserved for the local community to enjoy, including a 900-acre, permanently-protected public park.

Investor | Entrepreneur

In his daily professional life, Mr. de Clermont-Tonnerre is the Founder, Director and Portfolio Manager of AUM Asset Management, an independent investment management company based in Malta that provides investment and fund solutions, asset management and advisory services to institutional investor and family office clients around the world.


He is also the Managing Partner and Founder of Quantum Dao, a firm that provides “mission-critical” business management services to entrepreneurs, and the Founder of Tallard Management, which provides a variety of family office services, including banking, investment, legal, accounting and tax advice.

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